How to Sign up for a Facebook Account
Facebook Sign Up - A simple guide on how to sign up for a new Facebook account with your email address or mobile number.
Amber Heard - Mar 23, 2022
LinkedIn Login
LinkedIn Login - A comprehensive guide on how to log into your LinkedIn account.
Joe Davenport - Mar 11, 2022
How to Delete your Twitter Account
If you want to leave Twitter behind, you can permanently delete your account. This option is only available for on the web. Twitter doesn't provide any method for deleting an account via the mobile app.
Dylan Hewitt - Mar 07, 2022
How to delete a Gmail account?
A simple guide on how to delete your Gmail account permanently. Deleting your Gmail account won't delete your entire Google Account. You can still use other Google services
Joe Davenport - Mar 01, 2022
How to block Wordle scores on your Twitter feed
If you get bored and annoyed when you see unwanted Wordle tweets, perform a muting of words or hashtags related to the game. That way, you won't see any Wordle score posts in your timeline.
Harley Gibbs - Feb 28, 2022
How To Change Gmail Password
It's advisable to change your Gmail account password regularly to protect your personal information from hackers and to keep your messages secure.
Joe Davenport - Feb 25, 2022
How to Delete a Snapchat Account
A simple guide on how to delete a Snapchat account. After you complete all steps to delete your account, it will be deactivated for 30 days. During that time, your friends won't be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat.
Dylan Hewitt - Feb 23, 2022
How to add a COVID-19 vaccination card to your Apple Wallet
The COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of ending. Therefore, a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 is considered a ticket to use in travel and many essential services around the globe.
Harley Gibbs - Feb 09, 2022
How to Delete Your Twitter Search History
Let's see how to delete your Twitter history on both Desktop and mobile devices. If you want to have a fresh start on Twitter, deleting your search history will go a long way. It gives your timeline a new lease of life.
Dylan Hewitt - Feb 02, 2022

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