How does Snapchat score work?
Want to know what Snapchat score, or Snap score, is and "how does Snapchat score work"? Here's the answer.
Sean Lee - Sep 29, 2022
How to screen record on Mac?
This article explains how to record your screen on Mac using the Screenshot Toolbar or QuickTime Player - macOS’s built-in tools.
Sean Lee - Sep 27, 2022
Should I upgrade to Windows 11?
Windows 11 is the latest version of Windows as of right now. So, "Should I upgrade to Windows 11?". If you have the same question, this post from Geeks Nation is for you.
Alex Wawro - Sep 25, 2022
What does restrict mean on Instagram?
In October 2019, Instagram introduced a brand-new feature named "Restrict." So, what does Restrict mean on Instagram? What is the difference between restricting, blocking, and muting? And more importantly, how to restrict someone on Instagram?
Alex Wawro - Sep 24, 2022
How to close apps on iPhone 13?
This article will explain how to close apps on iPhone 13 and whether you should always close all the apps on your iPhone. Let’s take a look now.
Liam Davis - Sep 23, 2022

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