How to Hide Likes on Facebook
Want to know how to hide likes on Facebook using a mobile app or a web browser? Here are a few super easy and fast steps. Let’s check them out right now!
Alex Wawro - Sep 19, 2022
How to Make Facebook Private
If you don't want your personal data, birthdays, friends list, and updates to be on public display, you can change the privacy setting and make Facebook private. Here's how.
Brian Hoeg - Aug 29, 2022
How to Download a Video from Facebook
You can download videos from Facebook to your device and watch them whenever you want without having to log into your account. Here's how to download a video from Facebook on a computer and mobile device.
Lewis DeMars - Aug 03, 2022
How to Hide your Friends List on Facebook
If you don't want other people to see your friends on Facebook, you can hide it from them. Here's how to hide your friends list on Facebook on both Desktop and mobile device.
Brian Hoeg - Jul 30, 2022
How to Lock Your Facebook Profile
Facebook has provided a Facebook Profile Locking feature that lets users to prevent anyone other than your Facebook friends from viewing your personal data on Facebook. Here's how to lock your Facebook profile on Desktop and mobile.
Lewis DeMars - Jul 24, 2022
How to Sign up for a Facebook Account
Facebook Sign Up - A simple guide on how to sign up for a new Facebook account with your email address or mobile number.
Amber Heard - Mar 23, 2022
How to take 360-degree photos on Facebook
How to take and upload 360 degree photos on the Facebook app of iOS and Android? With a panoramic photo, you can see the photo from all angles.
Dylan Hewitt - Feb 28, 2020
How to delete a Facebook page
This article shows you how to delete a Facebook page. You must be an administrator of the page to delete it. You can delete your page on both a computer or the Facebook mobile app.
Dylan Hewitt - Sep 14, 2018
How to change your Facebook password?
It's recommended to change your password frequently to further prevent any potential threats to your personal information. This article shows you how to change your password on both Desktop and mobile devices.
Dylan Hewitt - Aug 23, 2018
How to delete a Facebook account permanently
This article shows you how to permanently delete your Facebook account. Please keep in mind that once you perform this process, you won't be able to retrieve or reactivate it.
Amber Heard - Sep 01, 2017

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