How to factory reset a Macbook Air: A step-by-step guide
If you want to give your Mac to someone else, sell it, or whatever, the first thing advised is to erase all of the information on the device and reset it to factory settings. This article will explain how to do it. 
Alex Wawro - Sep 06, 2022
How to Copy and Paste on Mac
Copy and paste is one of the most basic and useful shortcuts that you need to know. This article shows you different ways to copy and paste or cut on a Mac, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and even across Apple devices.
Brian Hoeg - Sep 03, 2022
Difference between MacBook Air and Pro
Let's take a look at the difference between MacBook Air and Pro and find out which one is better for you.
Alex Wawro - Aug 23, 2022
How to Connect your AirPods to a Mac
Like any Bluetooth earbuds, you can connect your AirPods to many devices, including your Mac. Depending on how you already use your AirPods, you can connect them to your Mac in one of two ways. Here's how to connect AirPods to Mac.
Pat Harrell - Aug 06, 2022
How to Uninstall Apps on a Mac
You can delete unwanted apps on your Mac and free up some space for your device. Here are several ways to completely uninstall apps on your Mac.
Brian Hoeg - Aug 02, 2022
How to Select Multiple Files on Mac
Selecting multiple files on Mac is easy and you can master it quickly. There are several ways to select more than one file at once so that you can copy, move, or delete these files quickly.
Lewis DeMars - Jul 06, 2022
How to Turn Mac Dark Mode On or Off
Here's how to make Mac dark mode and how to switch back to Light mode easily. When you turn on the Dark mode, all of your Apple apps will have darker colors and themes.
Pat Harrell - Jun 21, 2022
How to Right-Click on a Mac
If you are wondering how to perform a right-click or secondary click on a Mac? Here's how to right-click on different Mac devices with a mouse, trackpad, or keyboard.
Pat Harrell - Jun 17, 2022
How to Take a Screenshot on Mac
If you want to capture something on your Mac screen, whether it's the entire screen or just a part of your desktop, there are different ways to do that.
Joe Davenport - Jun 13, 2022

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