How to Retweet on Twitter
A Retweet is a repost of another Twitter user's tweet on your own profile. It's a great way to spread discussions, news, and discoveries easier. In addition to sharing other’s Tweets. Here's how to Retweet on Twitter.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 02, 2017
Push notifications for conversations on Twitter
Conversations on Twitter are replies and mentions you have with others in your own or their Tweets. If you'd like to receive push notifications for conversations on your mobile device, make sure your settings are on.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 02, 2017
How to mention on Twitter
A mention is a Tweet that contains another person's @username anywhere in the body of the Tweet. Twitter mention is a simple way to tag other Twitter users in your tweets.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 02, 2017
How to Reply to a Tweet on Twitter
A Twitter reply is a tweet sent in direct response to another person's tweet. This article shows you how to reply to a Tweet on Twitter.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 02, 2017
How to Create Live Videos on Twitter
It's easy to create live videos on Twitter to share what's happening live. Twitter live streaming feature, powered by Periscope, is available through Twitter apps for Android and iOS.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 02, 2017
The Twitter glossary
Twitter Glossary - A round-up of vocabulary and terminology used to talk about different features and aspects of Twitter.
Dylan Hewitt - Apr 01, 2017
Change Twitter Trends settings
Twitter's Trends are a phrase or a topic (usually starts with a hashtag "#") that are being talked about the most on Twitter.
Dylan Hewitt - Oct 31, 2016
How to block/unblock someone on Twitter
Block is a feature that helps users control their interaction with other accounts on Twitter. It helps users restrict specific accounts from contacting, reading their tweets and following them
Dylan Hewitt - Oct 31, 2016
How to Pin a Tweet to your Profile
Your Twitter profile shows the world what kind of person you are. You can pin one of your own tweets to the top of your profile page. The pinned tweet will always be displayed on your profile at the top until you unpin it.
Dylan Hewitt - Oct 31, 2016

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