How to Delete a Spotify Account
When you delete your Spotify account, you will lose access to your playlists and all of the music in your Library. Here's how to delete a Spotify account.
Dan Reyes - Aug 01, 2022
How to Share a Google Calendar
This article will guide you through different ways to share a Google calendar with the public or specific people. You can also change the access permissions and control over the calendar.
Brian Hoeg - Jul 30, 2022
How to Delete an Amazon Account
If you no longer want to use Amazon or you want to remove all of your financial information from the Internet, you can close your account. Here's how to delete an Amazon account.
Dan Reyes - Jul 28, 2022
Netflix Login - - How to Log into your Netflix Account
Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers users a wide range of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and other entertainment content. Here's how to log into your Netflix account on or Netflix Android and iPhone app.
Lucas Brennan - Jul 25, 2022
How to Screenshot on Chromebook
Here's how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook so you can save the whole screen, part of the screen, or just one window. It's simple.
Adrian Brady - Jul 25, 2022
How to Find Your IP Address
An IP Address is a numerical label connected to your computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Here's how to find your IP address on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices.
Dan Reyes - Jul 22, 2022

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